Meet the Team | Q & A Matt

How did you get into the DJ business?


I got into DJ’ing because my love of music and being the need to always be in control of what’s being played knowing my instincts were better then most at helping people have a good time. One of Stuart’s former employees helped me find my way to Pinnacle.


What is your favorite memory with Pinnacle?


My best memory in the 11 months I’ve been here was a wedding on the Cotton Dock that the tide came in unexpectedly and it didn’t sour the party, they took their shoes off, rolled up dresses and pants and danced in the water, they had a blast!


What is the biggest challenge you have had to face with DJing?


The biggest challenge is adapting during the must play portion after dinner to what each group or couple likes. It is never the same and you can’t rely on the playlist from the wedding before.


What do you like to do with your time outside of Pinnacle?


I love spending time with my seven-year-old and five-year-old nephews in Mount Pleasant, playing guitar which I’ve been practicing for a decade now. WW II history is my favorite type of book and I am very interested in traveling all over Europe.

I have also within the last year and a half became a wine drinker. I have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing and learning the process of making and tasting wines from all over the world with my family and friends.

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Meet the Team | Q & A with Jessica

As one of Pinnacle’s Lead Wedding Planners, Jessica’s expertise and attention to detail allow her to create gorgeous, personalized weddings that never fail to impress. She is a pro at putting together weddings that leave memories sure to last a lifetime.


    How did you get into wedding planning?

I started after planning a few events for family and friends and falling in love with the planning process and helping make a vision come to life.


What’s the biggest challenge you have faced with planning weddings and how have you overcome it?

I love challenges so this one is tough to answer. I tend to thrive in challenging situations with tight deadlines and am always ready to jump in full speed. Such an example would be a client who came to Pinnacle 5 weeks before their wedding date and didn’t have a venue or any vendors booked. I was able to plan the wedding start to finish in 3 weeks.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am originally from Tolland, Connecticut. I moved to the Holy City to attend College of Charleston and fell in love with the charm and beauty of the Lowcountry. When I’m not busy creating fairytale weddings, I love walking The Battery, hanging with my pup, Winnie, and sharing a cocktail with my family and friends on Shem Creek.


What is your favorite part of working for Pinnacle?

My favorite part of being a Wedding Planner and working for Pinnacle is taking a couple’s vision from a piece of paper to a full scale version of the wedding of their dreams.

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Meet the Team | Q & A with Linda

The first planner on the list for ya’ll to meet is lead planner – Linda Warner. A newbie to the Charleston wedding scene, but she is already blazing a trail that none can surpass.


How did you start doing wedding planning?

I have always been a very creative person, thus I was always asked to do the design for events and functions. This grew to weddings and even table designs in peoples homes. Once I was more established I began my own wedding company in South Africa, which I owned and ran for 15 years.



Tell us a little bit about yourself

I was originally born in Zimbabwe but then my family moved to South Africa where I lived most of my life.  I traveled the world for most of my 20’s experiencing different cultures. I lived in a culturally volatile society which has made me very aware and empathetic with different cultures and societies and I enjoy experiencing new adventures.


I am an artistic person who is constantly painting or drawing. I am privileged with the  ability to produce and see clear three-dimensional images which led me to start set design and lighting for theatre productions. In the last decade I produced and designed 3-5 shows a year in between planning events and weddings. I have always loved the diversity of each of these creative mediums and loved working with people.


In addition, I also studied to be a personal trainer and nutritionist.  I owned my own exercise studio, teaching yoga and strength classes. I have also lectured nutrition and  healthy lifestyle seminars to corporate groups and schools.



 What are your hobbies?

I love being active so I enjoy any kind of sport from […]

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Meet the Team | Q & A with Stuart

Meet the front man of it all – Stuart!

Founder and owner of Pinnacle, Stuart has been married for 19 years to his amazing wife with whom he has raised identical twin girls currently in high school. His family inspires him and is a great source on strength on a daily basis. We sat down with Stuart for a little Q & A to hear a little more.


How did Pinnacle get started?

That’s a long story that I will shorten 🙂 When we moved to Charleston 8 years ago, I was looking to transition into something that had less travel, so I could be home more with my family. I noticed a real need at that time for an upscale DJ company that only did weddings. Having owned a DJ company earlier in life (starting at age 14!!) it was an easy decision to give it a shot.


I also wanted to fight the old myth about the cheesy DJ. So we really focused on fast communication and a real hands on approach to planning the music with a couple from booking to sendoff. We were one of the first to really lean on some very cool online planning tools that allowed us to really prepare for a wedding rather than show up and wing it. To this day, anyone on my DJ team still feels nervous if we don’t have a ton of info from our couples in advance. It’s just who we are. I joke with couples that they’d never let the caterer surprise them so don’t let the DJ!


Fortunately, the DJ side of […]

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Here Comes The Sun | Post Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is behind us and we are looking forward to another week of wonderful weddings in beautiful Charleston. Our team was working full force and was able to fully reschedule weddings that were affected by the hurricane. Sending our love and thoughts to our neighbors up north #trustpinnacle #hurricaneflorence #charleston


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