Looking for Charleston’s Best Wedding DJs?

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Why Pinnacle?

Its no secret that your DJ has an enormous impact on your wedding reception.  Maybe the biggest of all.

We take that responsibility very seriously. How?

Well first of all, you won’t find any price lists here. Nope. Your wedding is not just another booking for us, or just another number. We want to get to know your needs first, to make sure you get the perfect quote for your day that includes everything you need. No surprises later!

We don’t have “flash sales”, “book now and save” sales pressure, “pay in cash up front” discounts or other impersonal approaches. We also don’t quote a low price and then write an expected or required tip into the fine print of your contract either. That really happens!

But not with us. Just fair, honest, simple and all inclusive pricing.

We also include everything you’ll need, for the same price most others quote before adding on all of their “upgrades”. We want you to have the upgrades. You deserve it!

Details matter, big and small, and nobody beats our attention to detail. With Pinnacle, you’ll see it in the little things like hidden wires, uplighting of our own equipment and the world’s best online planning tools and music request system. And you’ll see it in big ways, like how we reply to you quickly, monitor your online planning, and meticulously prepare your day from ceremony, through cocktail hour, dinner, dancing and sendoff.

You will always get quick, helpful attention from one of the few truly full time DJ companies in the entire Southeast.

Speaking of equipment, we have the best looking DJ booth and the highest quality speakers in Charleston. Which means we look fantastic in your venue and you will hear really amazing, clear sound that won’t tire your guests when they should be dancing!

Quality matters on your wedding day too, it really does. We will give it to you!


Working with us is amazing

Once you’re booked, we’ll send you helpful ideas for planning a great reception, including floorplan tips, timeline ideas and music advice based on our award winning years of experience. Yes, all of this from your DJ!

We care about getting it right.

Musically, you’ve come to the right place. We have an 83,000 song online database that you will have access to as a couple. From within your own online planning area, you can search and select as much of your music as you like, 24/7 from any web browser.  If you don’t see something, you can add it manually.  You can even specify music for cocktail hour, dinner and of course Do Not Play.

We can even provide you with a special URL and password to give to your guests, so they can make requests in advance on our website. You’ll see all of their selections and can even delete the ones you don’t like! You have complete control. This ensures we have the exact music you feel will allow your guests to really enjoy themselves – creatively delivered by us.

We’ll keep an eye on your choices, get to know you and your guests musically ahead of time and we’ll take those music requests and build amazing set-lists that will keep your dance floor packed.

Yes, we are your “musical” wedding planners!

This is a little more work for us, sure, but it makes your day more amazing. And that’s worth the effort!

Lots of DJs “do weddings”. But only we treat yours like the major event that it is. Only we invest so much in your memories.

That’s the Pinnacle difference.

Your guests will have the time of their lives and rave about your wedding for years.

So relax. You’re covered. Enjoy the party of your life!


Destination Wedding Experts!

Planning a destination wedding? Don’t worry, you can trust Pinnacle.

In fact, we are the top choice for destination wedding couples in the Charleston area with about 95% of our couples planning from out of the area.


Well, our online planning tools and music request system are the best in the world.

Couples rave about how easy it made their planning, and how they had confidence in our preparation as a result. They are available to you 24/7 from any web browser, any device, anywhere! And the best part? They are the very same tools the Pinnacle team uses too.

Each time you log in and make some additions or changes, we get an email letting us know. Then we log in and see what you’ve done, making sure we understand what you are planning and catching any little “hiccups” well in advance.

We’ll be in perfect sync with you and your plans every step of the way.

Of course, every couple who trusts Pinnacle has access to our online planning, but it offers additional peace of mind to our destination wedding couples! All 95% of you!


Let us take your day to the next level with these other important enhancements

Turn the house lights down with our amazing LED Uplighting.  Our 100% wireless LED uplighting can match your wedding colors, your reception decor and even beat to the music if you wish. Any color is just a click away, even on the day of your wedding.  With no wires and the way we hide them, chances are you won’t even see the lights, just the amazing atmosphere they create. Better mood. Better pictures. Better party!
We do ceremony service the right way, with a completely separate sound system. This means a seamless transition to your cocktail hour and reception. We’ll ensure the last row hears every single word with a high quality wireless microphone hidden on your Officiant. We can also provide your Ceremony music, if you need us to.
Planning an all day affair?  No problem.  We can offer you our services beyond our usual 4 hours for just our costs in time.  Having your ceremony on a deserted island? No worries.  Pinnacle has battery powered speakers and microphones!  Need a unique custom song edit?  We understand.  Just say the word and we can take care of that too.


We love weddings so much, we plan them too!

Believe it or not, wedding planners and DJs are a perfect fit. Two of the most important vendors you can hire to ensure you have the very best wedding possible. So we thought it made sense to have them both in sync, all the time, working hard to make your day fantastic. It’s even better than we imagined. The truth is, it’s amazing!

And it won’t take you very long to feel the same way.

We’ve learned a lot from the hundreds of couples who’ve trusted our entertainment team. They’ve all been amazing teachers. They opened up, and shared their experiences of planning their wedding. They told us what vendors were a help to them, and those that were less helpful. They shared what they’d learned and what they’d do differently “if only they’d known”. Many told us they wished Pinnacle could have been much more involved in their planning.

And because we help so many couples each year we’ve seen a lot of different plans and designs, a lot more than we ever could have if we were only a planning company. We’ve worked with a lot of vendors. We’ve worked with dozens of other planners. And we’ve learned a lot from those interactions.

We realized that if we could start a planning company that was based on what our couples told us was important, on what we were observing ourselves, we could offer a planning experience that was positive, fun and most of all, better.

And we did.

Our approach is so unique and has become so successful, we even won a Couple’s Choice Award from WeddingWire just FOUR MONTHS after we officially made our planning team a separate part of Pinnacle.


Imagine you, your DJ team and your wedding planner all using the same online planning tools. Imagine a team so perfectly in sync that you have nothing to worry about at all on your wedding day. Sound amazing? We think it does. And you will too!

Learn more about our revolutionary and award winning planning services here!

Choosing a Wedding Photographer just got a whole lot easier!

Just like with our wedding planning packages, we see a problem and we want to fix it. Most of all, we want our couples to have the best of all things possible!

So, here we are with highly personalized wedding photography.

Gone are the days of trying to find the right package for your own specific needs and budget. Gone are the days of endless hours spent looking at each different photographer’s website hoping to see a style you like. And then when you do find one, you realize they are over your budget. Gone are the days of paper “shot lists” to fill out. Gone are the days of “suggested” poses by the photographer because that is what is done at every wedding.

No, in true Pinnacle fashion, we set out to make it easier for you!

We will spend time with you, planning your wedding from the photography side of things. We will invest in your memories here too.

Our package is all inclusive, simple and amazingly affordable. And our team, led by renowned Charleston wedding photographer Peter Miller has the experience and the passion for wedding photography that will make you thrilled you trusted us with such an important part of your day.

See, we told you we loved weddings!

  • The very best music, for all ages and tastes, expertly delivered. The party of a lifetime!
  • The best sound system on planet earth. Period. Worthy of your day
  • Elegantly designed equipment to look amazing day and night
  • All inclusive pricing with hands on planning by a full time, responsive team