We are so excited here at Pinnacle to introduce the newest member to our team – Mikey! Hailing from across the pond, Mikey is an award winning, international DJ & Entertainer with an all round talent for live music. As the new Lead DJ to the team, Mikey’s infectious energy and worldly knowledge, will get everyone and anyone up onto the dance floor for the night of their lives.


How did you get into the DJ business?

After I graduated from stage school for musical theatre back in 2003, I wanted to become a professional singer and live presenter. I headed to the Spanish Island of Tenerife to pursue a career in live music. Over the years that followed, I sang, presented and was a comedy host. I was also the owner & face of a successful music venue, and a popular radio talk show personality.

I was always looking at new ways to perform and grow musically, so it was only a matter of time before the DJ scene was on my radar!

Realizing my new found passion for delivering music this way, I moved to the white island and DJ capital of the world Ibiza, where I could learn the skills necessary to keep a dance floor moving and current. I became the resident DJ in four different venues. After two years it was time for a new challenge. I then became the newest Pro DJ on board the travel industry leader & entertainment giant, Carnival Cruise Lines. This new role gave me the opportunity to create new music sets and perform to thousands each week, providing the soundtrack to hundreds of weddings, events, and parties all over the world setting new standards of what it means to be an event DJ.

Spending years at sea and after meeting my love, Katelin, we decided to take our lives back on land and move to California. I then auditioned for weeks in the popular Hollywood Hills location of “HQ Gastropub.” After impressing the right people I earned the role of resident Video DJ in the new hotspot for live music & now HQ’s flagship location in Huntington Beach.


What is your favorite memory with Pinnacle so far?

My favorite memories working as a DJ for Pinnacle is not just meeting all the great people I’ve already met, or seeing the dance floor packed with guests from start to finish – it’s probably when I speak for the first time over the microphone at an event and everyone suddenly realizes that the DJ is from England! I then start the count of how many guests approach me throughout the night asking me whether I know the Queen (haha). They then proceed to request a song in their very best British accent. It always makes me laugh and will never get old.


What is the biggest challenge you have had to face with being a DJ?

“The ability in reading the crowd”

I’ve learnt over the years that most guests won’t even ask the DJ for a song whilst at a wedding – for one of two reasons. Firstly, they don’t think they can because it is not their event, and secondly they don’t want to bother anyone. Or it could be for some reason they think you went to some sort of Harry Potter wizarding school and picked up the ability to read minds therefore, because you are a DJ you must automatically know what songs they are thinking of just by looking at them!

And THAT is where the challenge lies for any DJ that cares.

I had to turn this into a positive and use it to my advantage very early in my career.  Through my 15 years of entertainment experience, I learnt fast that no event is ever the same as your last. In order to pull off a fantastic night of music and create a dance floor full of special moments that the happy couple & guests will remember for years to come, it is imperative I start to read the room the second the first guest walks through the door! Even if the dance floor isn’t open yet! Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to turn up well prepared but 9 times out of 10 I will end up using a playlist I never dreamed I would use! So the faster I know who I’m playing for, the faster I can take them on the music journey THEY want to hear.

Reading the room I’m about to perform is honestly my favorite part of the job! I didn’t become a DJ to see guests who request songs take to the dance floor and enjoy themselves – they will always be there for me to play too, that’s easy part! I became a DJ to see guests take to the dance floor and enjoy themselves that DIDN’T ask me for a song. That’s the challenge I want for every gig. Getting the guests that wouldn’t normally let their hair down to have the night of their lives, after I’ve watched them tap their feet under the table and let their smiles give away their music tastes. That’s all I need, once I’ve got that information from them, well that’s it, I may as well have been to wizarding school because you won’t see your seat for the rest of the night!


What do you like to do with your time outside of Pinnacle?

I love traveling – my favorite place to visit is New York City – and my favorite film ever is Home Alone Lost In New York. I love hiking, surfing, music, photography, videography, walks on the beach -sunset is my favorite time of day. I also love cooking, my favorite holiday is Halloween & Christmas.

I enjoy sports such as boxing, and skating (not figure skating haha). American football and basketball are growing on me.

I’m also happiest when I get to call home and speak with my Mum, Dad and 5 sisters, plus all of my nieces and nephews. We have such a laugh and that many people on one phone call keeps me busy all afternoon.